Dear Elco Child Care Friends,
It’s been a week now that our center has been closed. Hope you all are surviving through these difficult times. I can image it’s been a challenge whether it’s a layoff from a job, or your daily routines being changed, boredom or possibly little ones under foot. We have to remember it’s not forever and this gives us the opportunity to give one another what we all wish for and that is our time.  

Children including ourselves just want to know that someone cares. That we are valued. Listened to. Think about it, why is a typical Monday Mornings so tough for all of us? It’s because we just spent the weekend with the ones we love. Cuddling, hanging out, going to fascinating places just being together. Well maybe this is the universe saying to slow down, to be grateful or simply catch up on things that we often say “If I just had the time”.

This brings me too our family. Our Elco Child Care Family. Of course, we all would love to raise our own children and never have to send them away daily to a place of many people to care for them (ha-ha maybe we wouldn’t think that after this Pandemic) but you have to know that’s not the way at our center.

A lot goes into making sure the children feel at home. From the daily conversations with Uncle Pat and I to our carefully hired educators. Our center provides not only the best Learning Environment possible but one that bonds with your child and their family. If you ask your child today what they like best about our center, after the Gym and Lunch (lol) you’ll probably get the teachers. It’s important that we get to know your child. From their pets at home to what they are looking forward too. We find ourselves helping a child reach dreams their parents were unaware of. To fixing their hair so they feel better about themselves before leaving for school. We remember those little things, look for and listen to those shared updates. What this adds up to is RESPECT. Teaching respect. When a person feels valued and respected, they tend to open their hearts. Open their hearts of understanding where others are coming from, to show empathy and find the good in one another.

Our hearts are open more then any other time in our life. Sacrificing our little center to protect the ones we care for and who care for us!! We are sending positive thoughts your way. We are hopeful that this Pandemic will pass us and we will be back to business as usual.
Please be strong, safe and healthy!!
With Much Love & Appreciation
Uncle Pat, Mrs. Serena & Teachers at Elco Child Care
p.s. If you didn't receive this message by email, please email me at elcochildcare@gmail.com and sign onto Myprocare.com 



Dear Friends of Elco Child Care,
We received notice today that the Coronavirus has reached Lebanon County placing our daycare families at risk by staying open. We were hopeful and holding out that the virus wouldn’t affect our little community. But unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.
As of today March 18th 2020, we will temporarily close our doors and reopen when it’s safe too. 
We will not be collecting tuition at this time for the up coming weeks. Please continue to look for emails and updates on our website for care to return as normal.
If you have paid tuition through the My ProCare System for March 23rd week or longer please be reassured those funds will be forwarded to the first week back of care. If you placed cash or a check in the box at the center those funds will be uncashed and held for the first week back of care.
I’m sincerely saddened to be sharing this news with you. We will sadly miss your families but are hopeful we all will be back together shortly.
Please be safe, enjoy your time together.
With much appreciation & love
Uncle Pat & Mrs. Serena


March 2nd - 13th

-Weather Changes
-Animals and their Homes
-Baby Animals are Born

March 16th - 27th

-What makes them Different?
-What are their Habitats?

March 17th St Patrick's Day Celebration 


1)     Montessori Curriculum unlike any Curriculum in Lebanon County!
(See Parent Handbook for more details)

2)     Hands on activities for your Active Child with Strong emphasis on Problem Solving.

3)     Lower Rates because we are Privately Owned. Average of $29  daily (Preschool Full-time).

4)     Owner Bonding with families.

5)     Packed Lunches for your Picky Eater.

6)     No Extra Costs for Families using over 10hrs daily.

7)     Open ON TIME in Inclement Weather when Schools are closed.

8)     Natural Playground that Reminds you of your Childhood.

9)     Close to 422 for Easy Drop Off / Pick Up.

10)  CCIS Families Welcome. Call 717 274-6552 to see if you qualify.

11)  Kind, Loving Experienced Staff with Degree/Certificates in the Early Childhood Education Fields.

12)  Owners have over 30 YEARS Experience Running a Professional Child Care Program.